College 2018


Creative re-launch Case Study


  • To creatively re-launch UCC with the aim of improving engagement with current and new customers.
  • About:

    "We eat, sleep, love and drink coffee. We understand every small but important detail that goes in to brewing a great coffee and delivering an extraordinary coffee experience. We’ve used this knowledge to create a market-leading total coffee solution, to help our customers be outstanding in a fiercely competitive market."

    Break Down:

    1. Users:


    • Male & Female
    • Aged 21 and up
    • Mixed income levels

    User Insights:

    Since coffee is seen as a necessity by the vast majority, our branding tactics had to be focused on setting the brand apart from the rest.


    • We wanted to create a new identity for the brand that appeals to a wide variety of the population.
    • The material has to be simple and easy to understand.
    • We need to include the awards and certificates that UCC has to show that they are a step above the rest.

    2. The Brand:


    • Friendly
    • Giving back to communities
    • Fair
    • Natural


    • All Ages
    • Majority aged 20-50
    • Busy
    • Working

    Tone of Voice:

    • Warm
    • Friendly
    • Professional
    • Caring
    • Fair


    • Relaxing
    • Exciting
    • Energizing
    • Fresh
    • Clean


    • Happy
    • Energized
    • Fresh
    • Ready
    • Empowered


    "Committed to ethical practices and keeping our planet green."

    Key Words From The Client:

    • Professional
    • Fair
    • Exciting

    Coffee Company Logo
    Coffee Company Colours
    Coffee Company Logo Variations
    Coffee Company Stylescape
    Coffee Company Logo Black And White
    Coffee Company Logo Grayscale
    Coffee Company Shop Front
    Coffee Company Business Cards
    Coffee Company Cup Red
    Coffee Company Cup Orange
    Coffee Company Cup Green
    Coffee Company Cup Blue
    Coffee Company Posters